The path Spain is taking starts to ask for intervention

It’s getting quite clear that all of Southern Europe hasn’t really made it out of the Crash of 2008, and it’s only getting worse. Just look at this buffoon1 or these other who are burning down their woods2. Yes, they’re having very important issues on their hands so let’s ask again for Germany’s money etc.

You might want to have a look at the Spanish press or news concerning them, for example this one about curfews (this one’s in Spanish but the following in English) which was implemented, this recent talk which was anyway ongoing for the last four years or so, this fine, and this taxi strike.

Short long story, everyone knows that Spain’s main economy are night clubs, which means drinks, drugs, and prostitutes. I know you’ve been lied to, and you took all those wonderful pictures in Madrid, all those nice buildings, the breeze on the Barcelona’s beach and so on. You’ve never wondered why the museum entry was for free? Why your tourism agency actually tells you which days to go for free unless you’re paying for the bus and guide? You’ve never wondered why you can actually walk the public gardens and the beaches and no one charges for you to do so? Never wondered who and how is all paid for, given the current debt of Spain won’t be paid not even by the nephews of the nephews?

Just look at that one regarding that they can’t even afford to wash their own piss and shit out of the water public supply system. Know why? No clubs and tourists there.

If you’re actually capable of understanding all that amount of information, there are three main areas which the Spanish exploit for money: night clubs, tourist lodging and private transportation. So, what are they doing? One, put a curfew on night clubs. Two, limit rental areas and price. Three, go on a taxi strike. Yes, they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

Time to pay the EU taxes because the clock is kinda exploding.


  • ^1 the guy is actually pointing at “gypsies” being himself Italian, as if Italian doesn’t mean ‘homeless people incapable of work’;
  • ^2 because, yea, the country is bathed in sunlight & sirocco the entire year, so let’s cut the thing capable of slowing that down and cast a shadow.