Everything that’s wrong with the internet

The developer of Flatpress finally decided to call it quits. It was pretty obvious anyway, but I guess he wants to stop paying for the domain because reasons.

I’m mostly a backend guy and I work with a range of technologies that span from Java to Scala, to native. Hell, I don’t even recognize HTML and CSS anymore. And PHP? And JavaScript? They’re completely different languages now!

I joined the R&D department at UniCredit Bank; and finally I have joined Red Hat this year.

Yes, these are the people1 you trust with your money and servers.


Comments, you ask? We don’t need to self-host those either: we have Disqus, Facebook comments and many more.

I can only say #Italy…


  • ^1 Red Hat, the place where linux’s sound system gets broken because “workers” can’t hot-plug their USB headphones at “work” (which he later switched to bluetooth), and the place where the init system is replaced because the laptop doesn’t boot fast enough