It’s for free, after you’ve paid for it

There’s this text written by keyboard drones from STM, which states that

the first freshmen course on real-time IoT embedded computing […]Initially developed and taught by Professor William Kaiser at UCLA, it is now available to all online.

Freshmen! Aside some really funny AI random text such as

From understanding biology to properly design a heart rate and biometric monitor to grasping the intricacies of sports1 to better analyze them, the next technological leader will have to be a jack of all trades and master of all.
the course attracts students and makes them passionate by presenting them with real-world problems

;what interests me is this:

The kit is available at major resellers for a suggested price of about US$80.

Which is clickbait of course, after clicking you’re presented with a $86 price tag2 (no shipping included) implying you’re buying from them and not a reseller.

The best of it is this other blog post on the same subject, which states

With a PC, an internet connection, and a SensorTile kit at the cost of a textbook, students get access to a full hands-on experience.

Yes, because, all those (of course) come for free: computers, internets and the rest is just at the cost of a textbook. Lol.


  • ^1 “With or without the football, you aim the goal area” -Gica Hagi
  • ^2 just about 100 times more than the real cost