How does one escape a shithole

I was conspecting this website1, and, well, it’s actually worth it, hell, tuition free, in English? Here it’s like I have to beg the state for alimony, English is luxury and everything is outdated. I was considering this university, for example; and it’s more like a community college than a uni, but, hey, they’re like located at 50 meters near oil and pills industry and you have at least the internship guaranteed? My ‘office’ is located in a vacated building after a chemistry business went bankrupt, I’m surrounded by tubes and bottles no one uses and no one disposes of, I’d be glad to learn what to do with them. The only chemistry businesses around here anyway are detergents or floor cleaning solutions.

Anyway, I was looking at the requirements to get a residency permit, which is supposed to be a mere paper for EU members and:

You have sufficient funds, if your disposable amount corresponds to DKK 6,090 per month (2018 level). You must multiply the amount with the number of months you will be studying in a higher educational programme in Denmark – for a maximum of 12 months, however.

You are allowed to work:

for up to 20 hours per week during the normal period of study from September to May, and
full-time through June, July and August.

That’s just about 9.787 euro in the bank account in exchange for the permit to work 20 hours.

Well, I don’t know just how much do those pay for 20 hours of work, but, sure, what the hell, every able person has 10k in his! bank account with 18 years of age, so, given I’m 26 yrs old, I guess they expect 50k or something. They don’t even offer you the chance to come, try to find a job and if not, kick you out.

Tuition free, my ass, that’s the kind of fee for the idiots you expect to spend their entire college life at parties.

My trainee salary is about 300 euro before taxes, and I might be entitled to a 2k scholarship this year; I work 40 hours, if they make that sum for 20 hours a week, that’s like heaven2.

You start understanding why refugees force-cross borders, don’t you think?


  • ^1 you’re probably as surprised as I was that this word actually exists in contemporary english
  • ^2 ~800 euro is precisely what you’d expect to be paid after the traineeship, supposing you’re getting hired.

    and, no, you can’t live on that, i think you’re not even supposed to.