Zoomers never cease to amaze me


It’s getting quite clear the children at Youtube’s hq are getting paid by each line of code they type, so every month they keep changing the interface. It seems that, this time in particular, the suffering is very real, so they’ve decided to kill both the mouse and the keyboard; what, isn’t your screen touch-capable?

The browser’s right bar is rendered void, while they add their own bars, one for the videos and one for the comments. My problem with it? Page down, Pg-up, Home and End have ceased to function. I have to click into one of the two squares to make them work, and youtube’s lazy loading makes it suitable only for the mouse wheel, since both comments and videos pop up only while scrolling1. This wasn’t actually a problem, since I could hit End ad infinitum to load them all, but now it’s dead.

Fuck you. And Grammarly.
I get it as a daily spam, I’ve tried it, it’s good if you’re fifteen years old and your vocabulary has 1k words, mostly in present simple with no possessive, since, of course, you’re poor.. Their dictionary check is so simple that it doesn’t recognize average English words they could simply look up with an API to load thefreedictionary or whatever else.


  • ^1 which also brings the need to scroll two times into two different areas for it to work