You’re sending emails in a very wrong way

Yes, you. Everyone.

I know people never understood the full consequences of sending plaintext over the internet, and Snowden or Wikileaks haven’t changed anything at all, but what I can’t understand is if it’s plaintext, why isn’t the email in plain text?

Some examples

1. Australia’s suffering in the postmodernist world, and the university business isn’t selling enough. They probably haven’t checked how many people in the 18-31 age range possess houses or at least have a job. So, someone came up with the idea called Open2study, which is quite great, up until you sign up and you’re presented with video lectures and no information at all.

They also offer spam free of charge as well,


Outlook, you see.


And Iphone 4G and Android.

2. This is from a paid service, which shall remain anonymous, who embeds fonts:


Because, yes, you can’t confirm orders without embedding fonts.

3. STM Newsletter, courtesy of themselves:


This one actually ended up in spam, because the mail server automatically puts in spam everything that’s all images and links.

4. Last but not least, my ISP:


“this email requires an HTML mail client” (yes, an, not an html-capable).

Fuck you. All of you.