Arch Linux is finished for good

Arch Linux was, at some point, probably the best linux distribution, because it provided fresh pre-compiled packages. Sure, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it goes the saying, but along those updates came useful features and, accidentally, security patches.

Arch Linux went into the trash’s direction when it adopted systemcuckD1, completely ignoring its userbase2, which mostly resulted in part of their community founding a new distro, or, a fork of Manjaro (a fork of Arch itself, which is another story3), with OpenRC. Later, those parted ways too (shit repositories with precompiled packages for syscuckD), founding a real distro, Artix Linux.

Artix’s a really great project. It does suffer the same problems as Arch, no package testers and updates break the video system unless you’re running on Intel iGPU, but it does return to the roots of the original Arch project, package freedom.

It seems that now Arch Linux officially endorses NSA’s security crippling plans, one of the ongoing efforts of the “linux is slow”, “I can’t believe linux can update packages without reboots” so I must destroy this and “linux is getting old so I must reinvent the wheel” groups. Farewell, you shit.


  • ^1 yes, that’s the appropiate term regarding to what it does, the system owns you
  • ^2 have a look a the mail exchanges at the time
  • ^3 more or less the issue was Arch is a sucker for popular packages like GNOME desktop or Pulse under the façade of self-configuring and people wanted something else that can boot a full desktop out of a live cd with a fine installer