Things I’d like to see in the electronics business during 2019

1. Gold is no longer used for plating solderable areas. You can read mr. Stadem’s opinion on it, and the only reason gold is still into plating is because it creates failures in time. And, sure, all those who fancy shiny things get to think that’s “valuable”.

2. We get rid of SAC305 and other alloys that employ silver for the sole reason being “silver doesn’t sell and it hasn’t been selling for years not even for forks”.

3. Bismuth stops being recommended as the ‘green’ lead-free alternative since it’s a byproduct of lead ore and it only makes things worse.

4. All coursework around 7xxx regulators and similar, either positive or negative voltage, are moved to the ‘history of science’ department.

I understand they’re very cheap and ‘kids these days can’t count to three’ but the more you’re insisting on that mentality, the more you’re wasting the time of people who want to do valuable work. There is absolutely no reason to use 55% efficiency regulators for the sole purpose of powering a step motor or (negative) a shitty LM comparator when you can do all that with a microcontroller/adc. And no, you do not get into bandwidth issues and sensitivity problems or whatever since what the standard college coursework requires tends to be 1khz sine waves or 20 khz audio.

And by coursework I’m also saying you can’t be serious about using these in production. What kind of an engineer wastes HALF of the power in the DC-DC regulator? Are you insane?

5. Manufacturers actually deliver FOSS tools that run under linux distributions, which also means no usage of Windows or C++ (because doing C++ means precisely ‘I come from Windows programming’. Sure, that’s very nice, but embedded isn’t for you). 1

And in the electricity business

6. People start acknowledging reactive power into their bill, we start paying a fair bill discriminating whoever can’t minimize the losses on their power supplies, finally realize new devices change things, and we go back to incandescent lightbulbs since eye cancer and a few watts less + mercury don’t really sustain the numbers.

7. CHEAP NUCLEAR POWER, Fukushima on a fucking volcanic island surrounded by tsunamis or soviet technology aren’t valid excuses.


  • ^1 This also means no Java, which isn’t cross-platform, not portable, it will never be and as long as you’re not planning to work either with the distribution from OpenJDK, IBM or Oracle, and betighten your software to a fixed version LTS on-par-with-upstream of such; I cannot understand how do you find it reasonable to deliver frozen versions enpacked within your own IDE (which is usually frozen stolen code from Eclipse, to which you’re not contributing either, along with ancient Gcc versions you’ve forked) since it’s the wrong way to do it and you’ll only get bugs after bugs which shall be only resolved by the method “update our static Java” because neither of your retarded programmers actually work in the tree of the distribution to report and prevent such bugs.

    ‘We have 10 TB hdds’ isn’t an excuse for delivering 10-20 copies of the same libraries at different versions concurrently in the same OS.