Seems I don’t like olive oil

I had recently acquired a few arbequina bottles, when I stumbled upon this study. My first reaction was, well, shit!, I had just considered this one was the perfect balance between bitterness and … no taste at all. Arbequina tastes identically to butter, and it’s perfect on bread. But, it’s really low on phenols, so much that it partially misses it’s purpose: being nutritional besides fat.

It’s not even worth for frying: I never fell for the “olive for salad, sunflower for frying meme*”, because the coffee’s acrylamide is already too much (and it’s tasteless), but I assumed that frying directly into extra virgin would make more fumes, so I fried in virgin filtered one, and I was very wrong at that also, since the more phenols in it, the more it resists oxidation under heating. At less than one gram of polyphenols for a kilogram, you must be insane to use anything else besides extra virgin.

Such is life.

*now they’re hating on palm oil because it’s Indonesia controlling the prices and they can’t buy off the Salim Group