“I’m soup”

There’s a funny idiom in Spanish language, which is estoy sopa, literally “I’m soup”. Someone on the internet has this interesting theory, but, interestingly enough, English has a very different meaning for this, and that’s not the only expression being despective to food.

Besides being souped, Spanish language has a few more idioms meaning bevoided of energy, such as estoy frito (I’m fried), estoy empanado (I’m being enbreaded), estoy sobado (I’m being encaked), estoy hecho polvo (I’m made dust), estoy hecho migas (I’ve been made -bread- crumbs), estoy hecho trizas (I’m crumbled) and maybe some more I’m not remembering right now.

Isn’t it kind of ironic they’ve correctly labeled watered down, fried stuffs, and bread as shit food? For a latin country, since that’s mostly everything they’ve got…