Everyone knows public servants are too dumb to get another job, and part of their incompetence does cover computers. This recent example simply shows the fact that the State cannot be trusted with personal data. The so called state ‘workers’ are getting 100% solitaire compliant facebook machines, and Microsoft’s data centre can safely collect all your tax and medical records for free, along with whatever national security agency.

See, the thing with delivering an interstitial for cookies does require to identify the users that visit a website, including permanently fingerprinting them. Previously, you could simply run a website on the internet without inquiring from where do your users originate and simply delivering them the requested content.

The reason everyone pisses on Wikipedia –being the website where pensionaries write articles for K-12 homeworks– is precisely delivering their donation banners over the content, including some total content blocks as a form of protest for governmental decisions on internet regulations, as if an encyclopedia is actually entitled to political opinions, which is not!

So now you actually have to run IP tracking and country identification on the server side, or run something worse in Javascript while the webpage is loading, and ask the user to consent a permanent fingerprint, for the webpage content to be delivered.

Cookies and permanent storage deleted upon exit? No worries, they’re gonna ask again and again and again and no one is ever gonna visit those websites again.

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